Nevitaly CC Color
turns color into a unique opportunity to relax and to look and feel great

The innovative aspect of this color service lies in its sophisticated formula, featuring Essential Oils and Natural Italian Woodland Extracts, which help to prevent and tackle existing scalp problems. Nevitaly color is a wellness ritual able to envelop the customer in a pleasant atmosphere that brings harmony to both body and mind.
The virtues of italian woodlands
in a coloring treatment

Nevitaly CC Color is a Calming and Conditioning permanent color treatment, with soothing and re-balancing properties that take care of the health of your scalp, improving the softness and body of your hair thanks to the careful research carried out into selected raw materials present in the woods of Italy.


Permanent hair color cream, Ammonia and Paraphenylenediamine free, with active antibacterial, boost with walnut husk and chestnut.

Chestnut extract: multi-faceted color illuminated by bright and glossy reflections

Walnut husk: protects, hydrats the hair, and prolongs the effect of the color thanks to the presence of a natural solar filter

Color Cream

100 ml


A concentrated synergy of Essential Oils with calming and soothing properties.

Essential Oils of Myrtle and Lavender: to eliminate redness and rebalance the scalp

Bisabolol: to soften and protect the scalp

The Nevitaly CC Color range offers customers a superbly simple aromatherapy experience.

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Arom Booster Oil

50 ml


Oxygen conditioning cream enriched with Jojoba and Avocado oil.

10 Vol. (3%) – 20 Vol. (6%) – 30 Vol. (9%) – 40 Vol. (12%)

Jojoba Oil: softening and protective action

Avocado Oil: nourishing and strengthening action

Free Vaseline – Free Paraffin - Free Mineral Oils

Oxygen Cream

950 ml


Dust-free blue bleaching powder.

It allows for lightening up to 6 levels and the neutralization of unpleasant yellow shades. Thanks to its dust-free, non-volatile formulation, it melts rapidly, avoids clot formation and does not swell. Delicate Wild Berries fragrance. Ideal for all techniques.

Color Blonde

500 gr

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